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Skyland Workforce Center Hosts Monthly Hiring Fairs

Skyland Workforce Center

Employers from across the DC region have job openings and need workers to fill them.

Many DC residents are in need of employment, but often don’t know where to find these jobs or how to apply.

The Skyland Workforce Center now offers a convenient, effective solution for these two groups to meet: monthly hiring fairs, hosted at THEARC (1801 Mississippi Ave. SE). The fairs are held the first Friday of every month, from 10am to 3pm.

SWC’s hiring fairs gather a wide range of employers from various industries, including foodservice, construction, education, administration and healthcare. In 2023, more than 50 individuals found employment as a result of a Skyland Workforce Center hiring fair.

Past participating employers include IDREAM PCS, AppleTree Early Learning Center, Friendship PCS, Edenbridge PACE, Freeman HHA and Express Professionals.

For job seekers, the hiring fairs offer a platform to connect with potential employers. Whether you’re looking for your first job, a career change or better opportunity, Skyland Workforce Center is the right place to start the search.

There’s no charge to attend a hiring fair. Job seekers can register here.