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Our Story

From the beginning, community engagement and feedback have driven the conceptualization and design of the Bridge Park. The first two years were filled with hundreds of neighborhood meetings on both sides of the river leading to the identification of programming concepts for the park. These concepts were seamlessly woven into the park’s design by architects OMA + OLIN who have been working with the community to develop a world-class public space for recreation, arts, and environmental education.

The National Park Service and the 11th Street Bridge Park present the third annual Anacostia River Festival, a premier event of the 2017 National Cherry Blossom Festival, on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Anacostia Park and the surrounding neighborhood in Washington, DC.
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The $400,000 commissioned piece will help orient and invite visitors into the park and welcome neighbors home to historic Anacostia

11th Street Bridge Park

As the old 11th Street Bridge that connected D.C.’s Capitol Hill / Navy Yard and historic Anacostia / Fairlawn neighborhoods has been replaced, the District government and Building Bridges Across the River are transforming its aged infrastructure into the city’s first elevated park: a new venue for healthy recreation, environmental education, and the arts.

The 11th Street Bridge Park will span the capital’s cityscape and include community generated programming including: outdoor performance spaces; playgrounds; urban agriculture; an Environmental Education Center with classrooms to teach students about river systems; public art that tells the rich history of the region; and kayak and canoe launches. Bound by the Washington Navy Yard on one side and the National Park Service’s Anacostia Park on the other, the Bridge Park will be a destination for some, a pedestrian or bicycle route for others and an iconic architectural symbol across the Anacostia River for the city.

Transforming The Bridge

The 11th Street Bridge Park will be built on the original pillars of the old road bridge crossing the Anacostia River between wards 6 and 8.

East bank of the Anacostia River
East bank of the Anacostia River
A bridge with a red ribbon on it, symbolizing the community-driven design and collaboration of Building Bridges Across The River - Our Story.

We are transforming an old bridge into a new civic space by reusing the old piers as the park’s foundation.

The park will be adjacent to the current 11th Street Bridge vehicular bridge. 

The park will be adjacent to the current 11th Street Bridge vehicular bridge.

The logo for 11th street bridge park.


10th Annual Anacostia River Festival!
May 4, 2024 1-5pm

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